2021 – Season 22, Take 2

What a grim, grim 14 months it has been, and counting. Hopefully you’re all safe and well, and in the vaccination queue, but we’re not out of the woods yet. Outdoor sports are now allowed, but we still don’t know how safe it is. Watch this space.


Season 22, 2020

Season 22, 2020, is NOT ON due to COVID-19!

Hopefully we’ll be back this year, but everyone’s health is far more important! Stay safe!

Join the Facebook group or follow the Telegram channel here for broadcasts:

Join us for a friendly, beginners-welcome game of Ultimate Frisbee (also every Monday to end of September). Everyone welcome. Pub afterwards!

If you’re new to Ultimate Frisbee, there are plenty of people to help you learn and plenty of beginners – so you won’t be alone! Just shout out on the day to Alistair, Caroline, Laura, Rob, Vish or Steve and we’ll happily show you the basics.

Hyde Park – Old Football Pitches (last pitch on the left side), South Carriage Drive. 300metres south of Diana Memorial Fountain. 12min walk from Knightsbridge tube station.

Look for a frisbee being thrown – just say hello! Bring trainers and wear stuff to run around in. Some water is a good idea!

If game is cancelled due to forecast bad evening weather, a message will be posted on meetup group and Facebook group at 5pm. No message means we’ve checked forecast and THE GAME IS ON!

This incarnation of Ultimately Fabulous Frisbee has been going on the same spot since 1999.

Played every Monday night through the summer, check the email list in case it rains.

Summer ~= April – Late September

We do *not* take it seriously, the emphasis is on fun. Guys and girls come along, and newbies are encouraged to come along and bring their friends. We’re very friendly. Don’t worry if you can’t throw a frisbee. Neither could I when I started, or most of the others.